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Paintless dent repair in Mississauga

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Mississauga Location - Quick Dent Removal

We are proud to serve this city with our mobile car dent repair shop with services such as paintless dent removal or repair, think of us like a convenient auto body shop on wheels, coming to repair your vehicle at your convenience on your driveway or garage, or even at your work place, or if you choose we can make other arrangements to have your car repaired at a convenient place that suits your needs. Our dent repair service unit is well equipped with the latest auto body dent repair tools and materials available in the market today, helping us improve and perform high quality repair services.

We have a big list of mobile services that can be done on site at your door step. Our mobile autobody dent repair and paintless dent removal services are as follow: Paintless dent repair, door dings fixed, major dents repaired, paint touch-up, scratch removal, scratch repair, minor auto body repairs, parts replacement, such as front fender panels, front and rear bumpers, front and rear doors, mirrors, trim removal and replacement, etc.

In my opinion mobile dent repair is now becoming a necessity. Customer convenience is the reason why we supply our customers with this service. Minor dent repairs are not really a necessity but it really is a nuisance, for most people. By being mobile, it makes it very easy for customers to take advantage of our services. Customer convenience is well worth the money they have to pay for the repairs, at a cost much less then a body shop repair.

Mississauga Paintless Dent Repair

Our Mississauga Paintless dent repair customers appreciate the convenience of our mobile service because their time is not wasted with trips back and forth to the body shop saving them valuable time, for a typical dent repair.

Every business strives to please their customer in the best way that it can. We are no different in this regard and are always striving to improve our mobile service in Mississauga to make it better for every customer.
Whether it’s the way we greet each customer or the level of detail and quality in our work, from paintless dent repair to heavy collision. Providing a service that customers need, want, and desire, is not our goal, it's our livelihood. Our level of service is so outstanding that customers can’t help but come back when the need arises.

Here's a Short Description of our Services

Door Dings and Dents

Door dings and body dents are frustrating for drivers, but the reality is that at some point or another, you're likely to end up with one of these small damages.

Hail Damage

Tiny ice pellets, also known as hail, can wreak havoc on your car. Hail is often more harmful than rain because it is larger and falls at a high speed. The size of the hail and how hard it hits your car will determine the extent of damage.

Plastic Bumper Repair

Bumper dent repair is a common automotive problem. Whether you’ve jumped the curb and smashed the front of your car, or you’ve been in an accident and need to have your bumper dent repair or other bumper dent repairs done as soon as possible, we can help.

Buffing and Polishing

Buffing and polishing are the final steps in any car detailing process. They ensure that paint is at its best, and scratches are removed from the exterior paint finish of your vehicle.

Insurance Claim

The most common insurance claim is for auto accidents. We will help you processing your insurance claim. Insurance companies will often pay the auto body shop for damages on your vehicle. This is the simplest way to handle claims.

Lease Returns

Lease returns are becoming an increasingly common practice in the automotive industry. Returning the car at the end of the leasing agreement the vehicle has to be basically in the same condition as it was when you got it.

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is a process that removes dents from vehicles without the use of paint. Paintless dent repair has been around for years and is widely used by professionals. One benefit of using this technique is that the vehicle does not need to be repainted after the dent is removed. PDR in some cases it's also used a cheap option for a bumper dent repair.

Glue Pull Repair

Car glue pull repair is an easy way to remove any dents in your car panels without having to spend hundreds of dollars. This process requires some specialized tools and glue materials to get the job done.


Is available from Monday to Friday 9:am - 6:pm
Please note: We are running on a busy schedule, it's better to book your repair ahead of time to guarantee your repair time slot.

We also service the following areas in the GTA, Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Vaughan, and Burlington

Our Paintless Dent Repair Services Are Available In The Following Areas

Etobicoke, York, North York, East York, Scarborough, Old Toronto, (Excluding Downtown)

Port Credit, Malton, Clarkson Village, Lorne Park, Cooksville, Streetsville, Erin Mills, Meadowvale, Churchill Meadows

Spring Valley, Churchville, Peel Village, Bramalea, Woodhill

Also Available in

Service Hours: Monday to Friday 9:am - 6:pm
Office Hours By Appointment Only
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