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Bumper Repair Toronto

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Bumper Cover Repair In Toronto
Bumper Cover Repair Service
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Bumper Repair Toronto

We provide the highest quality auto body shop, mobile bumper repairs services in the Toronto, GTA area. We use an efficient bumper repair method for dents, cuts and scratches on your vehicle's plastic bumper cover. You can save money by taking advantage of this high-quality repair service without changing the part.

Before the repair process, be it PDR, paintless dent removal, or hail damage dent repair. You will require a mobile dent inspection for the damage on the vehicle as the bumper cover has to be inspected for cracks,  cuts, broken parts and any missing pieces, allowing an accurate estimate.

In case the damage to your vehicle is beyond our mobile service capability. We will direct you to our co-op shop, ensuring that you get a stress-free repair experience.

The best technician to repair your bumper is Joe the bodyman. His mobile Bodyshop comes to you to perform the repairs and guarantees the service provided by giving you (the customer) all the necessary assistance. Call Joe at 647-806-0107.

Mobile paintless car dent removal, repair service is also available at reasonable prices.

Plastic Bumper Repair Toronto

It is not difficult to damage modern plastic bumpers. Since most newer vehicles on the road are equipped with plastic bumpers, there is a high probability that these bumpers will be damaged.
I know that this can be extremely frustrating.  Thankfully, Joe's Bumper Repair Service is here to help. Joe's Bumper Repair service can repair scratches and minor gouges on most plastic bumpers.

Joe can fix plastic bumpers on most make and model vehicles. With years of experience, he has repaired plastic bumpers on BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Infinity, Porsche, Lexus, Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Dodge, Jaguar, and many other makes.

Joe can often have the bumper repaired in 2–5 hours. He works by appointment so that he can have an efficient weekly schedule.  Joe has over 50 years of experience in the auto body trade and bumper repair industry. Joe's Bumper repair services are used in many car dealerships. You may consider him when you need your plastic bumper repaired.

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Save Time, Money, and Environment


Our professional mobile auto services save you time by going to your house or office which means no wasted time getting to, waiting at or returning to the body shop. Not to mention, most repairs take less than 4 hours, not 2–4 days like the traditional body shops.


Our professional mobile services will save you money over the traditional body shops, by keeping the repair area smaller we keep our material costs down. By being mobile, we don’t have the huge overhead of a building/spray booth that would typically get pasted on to you. As far as bumper refinishing we repair the damaged area, body shops replace the bumper which adds to your cost. Not to mention you won't need to rent a car which would cost you more.


Our professional mobile repair services will help the environment by keeping the repair area small, therefore less VOC’s into the atmosphere. In some cases, we repair the damaged area instead of replacing it. When body shops replace things, the old damaged part goes into landfills, we typically have very little waste going into landfills. In fact, we prefer water-borne paints, which we find to be much better for the environment.

Service Hours: Monday to Friday 9:am - 6:pm
Office Hours By Appointment Only
647 806-0107
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