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PDR Price Guide

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PDR Price Guide

If you are looking for a quick and affordable solution for dent removal? Check out our Quick Dent Removal's PDR Price Guide, your go-to resource for Canadian prices in Toronto and the GTA. Assuming you want to know how much it will cost to restore your vehicle's flawless look using our comprehensive guide, you're more then welcome to proceed. But first, we recommend reading on to learn more about how certain factors may affect the cost of the repair.

PDR Glue puller or Pry Bar

This Is One Factor That May Affect Cost!

Which is better for repairing dent damage using the PDR technique? โ€” How does it affect the repair cost!

The argument over the most efficient method for dent repair, has sparked significant interest among car fans and experts. Basicly the methods used in PDR repairs are the Pry Bar and the Glue Puller, each method is unique in the way that repairs are done, while one tool pushes the other pulls. The two can drastically influence the cost of the repairs.

The choice of using these techniques depends on the specific characteristics of the dent damage to be repaired and the preferences of the technician performing the repairs. The technician skilfully matches the appropriate tool to the appropriate repair assignment, utilizing the combined effectiveness of the PDR Glue being Pulled and Pry Bar pushes to obtain the required results.

The following defines the differences of how the cost is impacted.

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Pry Bar

Labour Intensity: Higher rates may apply for their effective use.
Time-Consuming: The repair process may take more time to complete.
Skill Dependency: A skilled tech may charge higher prices for their services.
Cons: Most of the time parts obstructing tool access to the damage have to be removed and reinstalled, increasing the final cost.

"Permission to use this video granted by Tim Olson."

Glue Puller

Material Costs: The glue used with glue-pulling is costly.
Efficiency: Glue pulling is a more efficient technique, allowing technicians to complete repairs much more quickly.
Versatility: The glue puller technique can be applied in conjunction with pry bars.
Cons: Some dent damage using this technique alone will not be able to be completely repaired to the 100% quality level.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix My Dent?

More Factors Affecting Pricing

Dent repairs start at $125.00. For small dents the typical price range is $150.00-$275.00, large dents and multiple dents are slightly higher. Here are some of the factors that will affect the price of a dent or ding repair:

1) Size of dent - It's not surprising that a large dent will cost more to fix than a small dent. By "small" dent, we mean anything smaller than the palm of your hand. Dent repair companies frequently use the terms "dime-sized," "nickel-sized," or "quarter-sized" when referring to the size of dents. For example, our minimum charge of $125.00 is for a "dime-sized" dent, or any one dent up-to 3/4". A "large" dent is anything bigger than the palm of your hand.

2) Location of dent - If a dent is difficult to access, that will affect the technicians ability to repair the dent. In general, car dents located on a fender are the easiest to access

3) Number of dents - The more dents you have the more it will cost to repair them, but we often quote a reduced overall price to repair multiple dents on a single vehicle.

4) Severity of dent - A "deep" dent may result in the metal being stretched, which can cause your paint to chip, crack, or peel. This type of damage is beyond PDR. If this is the case, you will be advised to contact an auto body shop. In general, creases in the metal or cracked, chipped, or scuffed paint mean that PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) cannot be employed to fix the dent. If you're not sure if your dent qualifies for PDR, just ask us.

Learn About the Dent Repair Process

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Canadian Guide - Toronto & GTA

This is one of the price guides we use to estimate some of our jobs in our Toronto, GTA  Service Area. The image has been modified to fit the requirements of this web page so the ruler is not accurate. To download a PDF version  of this guide click here. After you download it you can print it out to help with find the approximate cost of your repairs or just contact us for a free estimate.

PDR Price Guide - Toronto & GTA - Canada

Price Guide Download

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Service Hours: Monday to Friday 9:am - 6:pm
Office Hours By Appointment Only
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