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Autobody & Paint Cost Estimator

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Auto Body and Paint

Repair Cost Estimate Calculator

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Our Online Auto Body & Paint Cost Estimate Calculator Is Accessible To Anyone In Need of A Fast, Free Of Charge, On The Spot Bodywork and Paint Repair Estimate.

Our online tool is a preliminary cost calculator that can't evaluate the exact damage condition on your vehicle, it totally depends on your input selections. Its sole purpose is to give you an idea of what the cost to repair and paint, for example: a front bumper repair section, or your complete bumper cover . As such, the estimated cost provided by the tool is not a binding agreement, and in respect to the provided estimate no warranties or guarantees are made! To obtain an official estimate, the vehicle's damage must be evaluated and assessed in person.

“Paintless Dent Repair”
In some cases, the damage on your vehicle as an example: front bumper repair may qualify for the Paintless Dent Repair. With this method, special tools are used to push out the dent from behind the panel to its original shape without the need to repaint the damaged panel. If this method can be used to repair your vehicle's dent damage, it can substantially reduce the repair costs. Are you wondering what the cost would be to repair your vehicle using this method? Wonder no more! Click on the link to go to our DIY online PDR Cost Estimate Calculator.

“Repair Versus Replace”
This tool also aids you in your decision-making process, sometimes it is more cost-effective to replace a part then to repair it, in which case it won't be known until the vehicle is seen by an auto body technician. We will work with you to find the most economical option that ensures the best  quality to fit your needs.

“Dents and Creases”
If your vehicle has surface damage that includes dents, creases and/or other indentations that exceed the largest item size on the list, these parts with extensive damage cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

Locate Your Panel
For Those That Need Help Identifying Their Vehicle Panels By Name

Body & Paint Section - Car Panel Location to Identify Panel Damage


Updated on: February / 21 / 2023
Prior to using this Calculator Tool.
Please read the "Terms of Use". Click the link above.
NOTE: This Estimate Tool is to give you an idea of the repair cost, and not a final price.


Additional Charges May Apply!

Bodywork, Parts Removal and Installation, Excessive Paint Damage, and Taxes Not Included


Select Your Paint Job

Exterior Paint Job Selection

Additional Options
Small, Medium, and Large Cars - Minivans, and Extended

Cargo, and Extended Cargo Vans - 2 Door, and 4 Door Pick-Ups

Subtotal: $ 0.00

Tax (13%): $ 0.00

Total Paint Job Cost: $ 0.00


Additional Charges May Apply!

Bodywork, Parts Removal and Installation, Excessive Paint Damage, and Taxes Not Included!

Select Panels To Be Painted

Front or Rear Bumper Cover


Fender - Left or Right Side

Front Door - Left or Right Side

Rear Door - Left or Right Side

Sliding Door - Left or Right Side

Quarter Panel - Left or Right Side


Rocker Panel - Left or Right Side

Hatch or Gate


Cowl - Front or Rear

Gas Door

Mirror Cap - Left or Right Side

Subtotal: $ 0.00

Tax (13%): $ 0.00

Total Paint Job Cost: $ 0.00



Prices provided by our calculator tools are intended to be served as a general guide only and not a final price! It is important to note that these calculations are based on our price structure for services provided within our service area.

Prices may vary and are influenced by various factors. Moreover, other body shops have their own pricing, leading to higher or lower prices.

We do our best to provide accurate and reliable information, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the prices generated by the calculator. Users should exercise their discretion and consider consulting directly with our business or other relevant sources for the most current pricing details.

Additional Charges May Apply!

Paint Damage Not Included In This Calculator!


Follow instructions.

Step 1: Damage Location

Click on the dropdown arrow to view the available options. Choose the specific damaged part that requires repair from the list. After making your selection, proceed to step 2:.

Step 2: Damage Size:

Measure the damage on the panel to be repaired “in inches”, and select it accordingly. If you have 1, 2, 3, or more 1” dents on the same panel, count the amount of dents into inches, example: if you have 5 additional 1" dents you would select 5" inches damage from the selection box.

Step 3: Damage Type

Select the appropriate damage type that best describes the damage on the damaged part. Confirm your selection and if applicable proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Remove and Install

If applicable? Use one or all four "Step 4: selection boxes". Choose the parts needed to be removed and installed to complete the repair process. Select one single part per box for a combined total of four selected parts.

Step 4-a: Remove and Install

Step 4-b: Remove and Install

Step 4-c: Remove and Install

Repair Cost: $ 0.00

Tax 13%: $ 0.00

Total Cost: $ 0.00

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