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Burlington Location - Quick Dent Removal

Dent Repair Burlington

Dent Repair Burlington - Ask Joe The Bodyman for a free dent repair estimate if your vehicle requires cosmetic auto body repairs.

PDR delivers a lot more bang for your buck than other traditional dent repair methods and is our first choice repair technique and a terrific way to take care of your vehicle's exterior damage affordably.

This repair technique is significantly dependent on the situation and dimension of the damage caused by dents, dings, or creases, and also the extent to which the  sheet metal and paint has become stretched.

This dent removal process never focus on a vehicle that's estimated and totalled, but it works well on on smaller sized dents, dings, & creases in certain parts of one's car or vehicle. To evaluate if your specific dent damage is an applicant for this repair process, first let's look at the damaged location.

On surfaces like trunk, hood, roof, doors, or fenders, these are all good candidates (it's considerably tougher to get rid of dents on curved or creased parts making use of this technique, though not impossible)

Find out more about how paintless dent repair performs and why Joe The Bodyman is the smart choice for getting your motor vehicle back on the road again with a brand new like look very quickly.

Damn....that shopping cart truly made a bee line for your automobile. That really sucks, but on the flip aspect at the very least you realize it was not some idiot that hit your automobile or pushed the cart into your vehicle intentionally and left without having leaving you a note, nevertheless here's what we can do. Hire joe to get your car dent damage fixed on site and done correctly with high quality repair.

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Dent repair Burlington - fender body line dent

Five Stars - Highly Recommended  HIGHLY RECOMENDED
By pork cheese - Kingston, ON

I went to Toronto to visit family. While I was there someone hit my car lightly. I searched for a garage, but everything was so bloody expensive. I stumbled upon SOS, he arrived within 20 to 30mins from where I was. He was very nice and informative. After looking at my dent, he gave me an estimate; which was a fair price in comparison to others. I said "go ahead with the repair ", and he started right away. Within 45 minutes he was done, and i drove home. No one realized I was hit!  
Thank you so much for your kindness and expertise!

Vehicle: Dodge 500
Service Date: 13/12/2020


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