Hail Damage Best Fix

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Hail Damage Best Fix

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Published by admin in Paintless Dent Repair · 20 February 2021
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Hail Damage Best Fix

The best way to fix hail damage is with paintless dent repair. By far it is a cheaper and a faster way to repair small dents and dings. Dent repair has traditionally done by auto body repair experts who remove the damage by  hammering out the ding,dent, or crease, followed by the use of auto body filler to smooth out the surface and finally they respray paint the damaged area to get it as close to the original factory paint finish.

Usually this repair work is done by conventional body shops costing several hundred dollars per ding, this is not really a good solution for a large amount of damage caused by hail or gravel being spit up on the car. There is a better solution called paintless dent repair. The results are as good or better than with traditional methods and it comes at a fraction of the cost and time. It is the perfect solution for hail damage.

Hail is one of the worst ways for your car to be damaged by. There is no real way to predict when it will come and when it does there is almost no way to avoid it. It can break windows and windshields and frequently inflicts damage upon the body panels of vehicles. With traditional dent repair you would be looking at getting the whole car repainted essentially because there would be so much and such widespread damage. Taking advantage of the new paintless technique would save a significant amount of time and money while preserving the value of the car by not altering the original paint job.

After a hail storm a car can be covered in dents and dings in a way that is totally unattractive. The results can be seriously disheartening when you consider what is traditionally done to provide dent repair. Usually a series of studs are welded onto the damaged area. Then the metal would be pulled out through the studs until it was back to its original shape. Afterwards the sheet metal would be sanded and grind smooth again. Once it was relatively smooth the filler would be applied to the pulled area, sanded smooth again and then repainted. Unfortunately the paint may not entirely match the factory finish. This is because a factory paint job goes through a number of stages before being completed. There is no way to replicate this in a body shop.

With paintless dent repair none of the invasive techniques are necessary. Instead the panel is removed and a series of rods are inserted through the back of the panel. Next the sheet metal is gently massaged back into its original shape until the dent is completely removed. This requires no sanding, painting, or any other conventional repair methods. In cases of hail damage this is great because you can do a bunch of sections in one single swoop. Also less time is necessary to complete repairs and you end up with a far smaller invoice for what has been done.

Hail Damage Repair - The First Step

My car has hail damage. What do I do now?

The first thing to do is to contact your insurance company immediately and initiate a claim. You may be informed by the adjuster as to where to take your car or truck, or you may decide to take the vehicle to your preferred auto body shop? Let the claim adjuster know where the vehicle will be at  in order to have the damage assessed by the insurance appraiser.

If you are in the GTA - Toronto area? it is best to contact us first for an estimate. This will ensure a proper written estimate, and save you a lot of time and grief in the long run. Call us at 647 806-0107.

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