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Hood Dent Repair - How Dent Repair Prices Are Determine

Joe The Bodyman uses a methodical and systematic approach when determining dent repair prices. The four main factors affecting the cost of any dent repair, are size, depth, location, and tool access to the back of the dent. Dent size or diameter will often be miscalculated, as we tend to see the core or deepest portion of the dent. Predominantly, the outside diameter will be evaluated by measuring the core as well as any outside distortions around the depth of the dent.

We can see in this example that the dent diameter is much larger than just the core of the dent. To remove all traces of the dent, the technician must work the core as well as the outlying areas. This is why it's important to analyze the extent of all damage to notice any hard-to-see distortion beyond the dented area.

How To Measure Dent Size & Depth

How To Measure Dent Size & Depth - Hood Dent Sample

To properly measure the diameter, it's important that the vehicle is not in the direct sunlight as the glare will reduce the reflection visibility

  • Shade the damaged area from the sunlight, by using an umbrella, or you may find something else around the house that serves the purpose.

  • Measuring the dent is simple. you can use a ruler or a measuring tape, just follow the example above by measuring the the green circle around the dent.

  • To measure the dent sharpness, analyze the reflection on the bottom of the dent, as it allows us to determine exactly how sharp and/or stretched the metal is. This factor directly affects the amount of labour and difficulty in repairing the dent.

  • Location and access are other factors determining the repair cost. Since open access areas will not be obstructed by bracing or double-thickness metal. They are typically easier to repair but still may need removal and installation of certain components to have tool access to the back of the damage.

  • Dents on panel areas that are obstructed by braces glue, sound deadening, or intrusion beams are additionally more difficult to repair and will require more labour. Dents located in double thickness metal are the most difficult to repair and require special tools and techniques dents located on body style lines or contours are even more difficult to repair and will require additional labour.

Panel Location

In Case You Need Help Identifying The Panels On Your Vehicle By Name

PDR Cost Estimate Calculator Panel Location

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