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Mobile Paint Touch-up

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Mobile Paint Touch-up Repair Technology And Procedures

Our (e.g. Brush or Pen)  Paint Touch-up repair service is similar to a body shop, the difference is due to the fact that we are mobile. As far as Spray Painting, we are restricted to the extent of auto body and paint damage repair that can be done on site. Therefore, we can only offer small to medium area cosmetic auto body and paint touch-up repairs through our mobile service. As an example, if your vehicle needs a door, or a fender replaced, the replacement part will have to be spray-painted at our Co-op shop and then installed on the vehicle at your location! Our Co-op shop only uses the best spraying techniques to insure a high gloss finish! The majority of jobs are completed within a reasonable time. Also, we can not paint whole vehicles on site, but other arrangements can be made to have your vehicle spray-painted at our Co-op shop. Our services are mostly requested by used car lots, including dealerships, and other trade business. We have extended these services to our retail customers such as yourself. We don't rush our work by cutting corners, and sacrificing quality for the sake of making a fast buck.  Quality is our priority, and above all, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Our Spray Painting Service

This service is only available at our Co-op body shop location and is not available through our mobile services. If you need your vehicle spray-painted? Arrangements will have to be made to fit this service to your schedule. Please contact us.

Please Note: We will not do any mobile service repairs that break City bylaws or Environmental laws! If the damage on your vehicle requires the complete panel or panels to be painted, we will not be able to do the spraying at your location. Conveniently, at your location, we can do the bodywork as a separate job. You may choose to have the paint work done at a body shop of your choice, or we can make arrangements to get it spray-painted at our Co-op Body Shop. We are equipped to perform a variety of auto body repair services to your vehicle at your location, but we are unable to repair structural and or frame damage repairs, including spray-painting!  

Add Value To Your Vehicle

Keeping the exterior in good order saves money over time and keeps the resale value high. Face it, no one wants to buy a dumpy looking car. It is amazing for a few hundred bucks, you can literally add thousands of dollars back into a car in trade-in or resale value, not to mention restore one's original love of a car and become inspired to keep it on the road longer.

Paint Touch up & Correction

It will remove 75% of surface scratches. The left over scratches (too deep to remove) will be touched up with matched colour by brush and buff to blend. The touched up parts would still be visible upon close inspection. You also have the option to fully repair the visible parts of scratch which would involve the paint service sector

Paint Restoration & Detail
Bring your paint back to life! This service restores a neglected and or damaged paint finish to a smooth, durable, brilliant gloss. The single most important aspect of detailing is paint correction. In fact, about eighty to ninety percent of gloss is a result of this process. Paint correction will remove unsightly swirls, scratches, bird etchings, water marks, oxidation, cob webbing, machine buffer trails, hologram effects and micro-marring. The colour of the car can also be restored back to its original shine & depth.

How-to do scratch repair yourself

Here are a few tips on how to do a scratch repair yourself. Most scratches can be buffed out with a high speed buffer and some buffing compound. Be sure not to press down hard or leave the buffer on one spot for very long (2 to 3 sec max). Keep the buffer moving. If the scratch does not come out you may need to wet sand the scratch using 1200 grit sand paper. Carefully and gently wet sand (with water) the scratch out with a circular motion back and forth over the length of the scratch no longer than 10 seconds. Then apply some buffing compound and repeat the fist step above. Remember not to press down on the buffer, it wouldnโ€™t hurt to use a little water for this process. When you are finished be sure to apply some wax or polish to the area. Keep in mind these are only the basics. Most professionals can bend these rules and come out with better results than the average person. This method is commonly used for cars that have a clear coat. Be extremely careful if your carโ€™s paint finish is a single stage. This means that the pigment and gloss is mixed together and sprayed as one unit. Instead of wet sanding the scratch out, on the clear coat, youโ€™ll be sanding the pigmentโ€ฆwatch out!!! You might want a professional to do this for you. If you have a signal stage paint job with metallic, forget about it! The sand paper will cut directly onto the metallic and leave a smudge like appearance. If the scratch created a dent or ding, the panel will have to be repaired and/or painted.
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Service Hours: Monday to Friday 9:am - 6:pm
Office Hours By Appointment Only
647 806-0107
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