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Nowadays. You can buy just about anything online. It's not a surprise to find a good quality product, such as tools, new, used, or refurbished, at reasonable prices. It's easy for anyone to complete their tool collection for their toolbox, workshop, or garage. Browse our DIY ONLINE STORE, and you may find the item you've been looking for.

Since we provide one of the best mobile auto dent repair services in Toronto and the GTA area, we are now looking into the future of our business. We are dedicating ourselves to gradually building and improving our Online Store where you can purchase our services, new and used products to help you realize your projects, regardless of their size.

We are, dedicated to serving our customers with the finest mobile auto dent repair services and quality tools and products. Please feel free to browse our inventory. You may find the product or tools you're looking for, Thanks for stopping by.

Joe Oliveira (AKA) Joe the Bodyman


🧰 Prepaid Services
Repair Rear or Front Bumper Cover CUT as described on this page. Please chose Front or Rear Bumper Cover, and the appropriate size of the cut from the selection boxes bellow. You can select from 1" up-to 10" in size. NOTE: Refinish and painting not included. Please pay for this service via Interac e-Transfer
This Deposit Payment will be credited towards the total repair cost of your invoice. If we are unable to do the repair due to unforeseen events on our part, your deposit will be refunded.

1 – Click on Add to cart followed by Proceed with order.
2 – Click on Proceed with order again.
3 – If you are not registered? Please register and Login to your account.
4 – Enter or confirm your details on the form.
5 – Agree to the Terms and Conditions followed by clicking Pay Now.
6 – Print the page for your records
7 – Click the CLICK HERE button to know more about e-Transfers.
8 – Make your e-Transfer payment, and book your repair appointment.

After your order is completed, you will receive, a confirmation email with instructions on How To Make a Payment With Interac e-Transfer, including the order number and details. Thank You!
Our mobile service keeps used car and truck dealer's inventory Dent free we, also service body shops, car rental, leasing, and fleet companies, including the general public within our service area.
Paintless dent removal is our first choice method of repair, most of the time. Dents and dings, including some medium-size shallow dents and creases, can be repaired by this method. Saving the customer's time and money, as opposed to a conventional autobody repair.

We are grateful to have you on board as a customer and a friend.
We will do our very best to satisfy you with our services.

Service Hours: Monday to Friday 9:am - 6:pm
Office Hours By Appointment Only
647 806-0107
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