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For the past few years Joe the bodyman has been providing onsite Mobile Paintless Dent Repair services, and conventional Mobile Auto Body car dent repairs with services such as Paintless dent repair, Door ding removal, Hail damage, Small dent repairs to doors, hoods, fenders, bumpers, etc.), Dented fender damage, Damaged bumpers, Paint touch-up, Bumper cut repairs, Minor scratch removal. Headlight restoration, Auto body parts replacement, and much more...

There are many auto body shop near me and you in the Toronto GTA area, but If you are looking for a mobile auto body shop with an experienced Paintless Dent Removal Technician and a licensed, government-certified 310B - auto body and collision damage repairer, offering you environmentally-friendly cosmetic auto body repairs with outstanding customer service, look no further. Whether a dent, ding, crease, scratch, stone chip, or any other related autobody repair, have your car fixed on-site, at your home, or work location. Joe the bodyman does most repairs to their highest quality standards, quickly and effectively! Joe's mission is to help and educate the customer of different options for choosing ways of achieving the best price and high-quality repairs.

With this body shop service, Joe has been servicing business such as dealerships, used car lots, body shops, car rentals, leasing companies, fleet operators, and the general public in the Toronto and the GTA area of Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Milton, Oakville, including Burlington. These services are cheap compared to some conventional auto body shops. (Why not compare it) Go for a ride to a nearby body shop, get an estimate for the damage on your vehicle, then you will see Joe's prices won't be as high as theirs.

Joe is a car body repair transformer, and a specialist transforming dented auto body panels to their original shape. A wizard working out dents and dings with precision like a medic doctor using specialized dent tools from behind the panel making dents completely disappear while achieving a high quality car body repair (dent-free) finish. Certified and with many years of experience in the auto collision trade, Joe is an expert providing the best paintless dent removal service in the Toronto and GTA area, all paintless dent damage removal repairs are carefully completed so that your automobile looks as good as new again.

Is Joe the bodyman really a wizard, a magician, a medic doctor, or a transformer? certainly not! but some people do tell him he is a specialist and an expert at what he does in the auto body trade. In other words, think of Joe, as your special private helper for those long-needed cosmetic auto body repairs on your vehicle. Rest assured Joe the bodyman will help you at your convenience as much as he can to make the repairs on your car as stress-free, and as fast as possible at a reasonable price, a price that does not ruin your bank account.

As an auto body and collision damage repairer technician Joe The Bodyman knows that obtaining good quality auto collision repair service is a stressful and inconvenient experience. To help ease the burden of that experience, Joe will give you advice on the repairable process that best suits your financial situation, including any other auto body damage concerns you may have. By taking advantage of his knowledge and information you will be empowered to make a more informed and convenient decision that will better benefit you.

Get the damage on your vehicle fixed. Give Joe the bodyman a call @ 647 806-0107

Quick Dent Removal Services Mobile Paintless Dent Removal - Dent Repair Toronto - GTA

  • Creases, Dings, & Dents Removed
  • Hot & Cold Glue Repair
  • Hail-Damage Fixed
  • Bumper Dents Repaired
  • Lease Return Quick Fix
  • Convenient On Site Repairs
  • Service The Same Day
  • Fast, Economical Service
  • Insurance Work

PDR for car dents dings & creases - GTA - Dent on hood

Got Dents and Dings on your car? Is this damage a candidate for PDR-Paintless Dent Removal technique.

Call Joe the Bodyman and find out what (PDR) Paintless Dent Repair will do for your car paint finish. We come to you with our mobile damage repair shop. On site repairs

DentRepair - Mobile Paintless Dent Removal - Dent Repair - GTA - Toronto - Fender Damage

The factory's paint finish stays the same. Your car's value will not decrease. The vehicle's paint finish will look great again. The price is a lot less than conventional repair. No need for sanding, grinding, or paint. Paintless dent removal at your door step, on your driveway or garage. We come to you.

PaintlessDentRepair Mobile Paintless Dent Removal - Dent Repair Toronto - GTA

Dented damage like dents & dings are repaired without the need to repaint.

No need to take your vehicle to the body shop for a great paint finish.

Our onsite service dent removal mobile unit is at your disposal, and at your convenience.


Car Dents Repaired and Auto dent removal of dents and dings by Joe the bodyman using the paintless dent removal process, also called ( PDR ) it's a quick and affordable service in the Toronto, GTA area of Mississauga, Brampton, etc.


Joe's mobile paint touch-up service is great for bumper repair, dent damage repair, replacement parts painted, it's  also a cost effective service to repair body and paint imperfections, such as scratches, scrapes, stone chips, line scratches, key scratches, etc.


Joe's Mobile Bumper Repair Quick fix service is great for, Bumper cuts, Scrapes, Scratches, Scufs, Dents, Damaged plastic parts (Repaired or Replaced), Paint chips, and much more. If you are looking for a quick fix for the bumper damage on your car, look no further.

(Paintless Dent Removal) LARGE DENT REPAIRS

Is your car in need of an oversized dent, or large dents repaired, no problem, Joe the bodyman can handle it with ease, exactly the same way as he handles small dents, creases, or any other cosmetic car dent damage repair, including hail damage repairs.
How much does paintless dent repair cost? No worries, Joe will look after you by giving you the best price, quality, and service for your buck! His mobile dent shop repair service is cheap compared to some car repairs done by the average collision shop, why not compare it. Go for a ride to a nearby body shop, get an estimate for the damage on your vehicle, then you will see Joe the bodyman price is not as high, as theirs. Dent damage repair prices vary with every repair, different factors affect the repair process and price. To be fair to our clients, we use one of the best estimating software used in the auto reconditioning industry!

Paintless Dent Repair Warranty
Paintless Dent Repair Warranty - If the paint in the repaired area becomes damaged due to the repairs we performed, we will repair the damaged area at no cost to the customer. For your knowledge paintless dent repair or removal is the removal process of dents, dings and creases without the need for bondo, primer or painting, this kind of damage usually happens on the side of your car by shopping carts, denting and dinging rear panels, doors, fenders, bumpers front and back, while the top panels for example, hood, roof, roof rails, etc. are prone to hail damage.

"Dent Repair" Free Quote!
Please Follow These Instructions!

Take a few pictures of your dent damage, text or email your photos to 647 806-0107 It will help if you include: The year, make and model of your vehicle.

The location of the dent (if it’s not obvious in the photos). How the damage happened. The approximate size of the damage.

Please send a few different angles and distances so we can give you a more accurate quote, or go to our (contact us) page.

Dent repair office location - Toronto
Location is by appointment only!
Call first to schedule appointment before coming down. Without an appointment we may not be at our location to help you.

Location is used mainly for office and estimating purposes. Estimates are free and by appointment only, scheduled for weekends. To schedule appointment please call: 647 806-0107

Mobile service available within our service area, Monday to Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm. To learn more about our dent damage repair mobile service in your area click on the city link bellow that matches your location.
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